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Integrity Technology Services remove your IT support issues so you can get on with what you do best. Whether you need ad hoc IT support or an ongoing contract, we provide a number of options including on-site support as well remote support services. You will access technicans who have worked with corporate networks for many years. We understand how business networks function and the importance of reliable IT to your business.

You can choose flexible options to suit your budget and requirements including;

  • Per hour ad hoc IT support
  • Pre-paid hourly support contracts
  • Monthly IT support maintenance contracts
  • Network administration and management services
  • IT support on a per project basis



Conventional, reactive IT Support is just plain poor value. In an environment where the more problems a client has, the more money the IT consulting provider makes, a relationship is fostered which discourages the prevention of problems.

Conversely, an all inclusive, fixed fee Managed IT plan makes it the IT provider’s responsibility to ensure the most efficient and reliable solution is deployed to minimize problems and downtime. The pressure becomes ours, not yours.